book 1

of The Sati Trilogy:
The Kosambi Intrigue

“I loved The Kosambi Intrigue. The characters are distinctive and alive, the dramatic narrative unfolds at a steady, engaging pace and the world of the Buddha’s time is sketched with great vividness…brilliantly done.”

Stephen Batchelor, teacher, author of best-selling Buddhism Without Beliefs,teacher, former Zen and Tibetan monk


“A terrific read! Susan Stone writes with a sure, deft hand, and magically brings alive one of the most pivotal times in the unfolding story of human consciousness.”

Tara Brach, author of True Refuge, teacher, clinical psychologist

“Tender, piercing, instructive, and heartwarming.”

Toinette Lippe, East Asian brush artist and author, Caught in the Act

Book 1, The Sati Trilogy

The Kosambi Intrigue: A Tale in the Time of the Buddha

When a trivial incident sparks conflict in a Buddhist monastery, the young monk Sati is embroiled in a plot that reaches all the way to the palace and inflames the city of Kosambi. Amid corrosive tensions, Sati struggles to make sense of his monastic calling and the teachings of mindfulness and lovingkindness. He faces challenges that test even the wisdom of the Buddha, exposing the worst and inspiring the best in all those caught in the plot.

The Kosambi Intrigue, the first book in The Sati Trilogy, is structured around the first schism in the Buddha’s order. Although the situation occurred more than two thousand years ago, the range of human reactions are as true of idiosyncratic humanity now as they were then. The book draws out what is timeless and universal in what is otherwise a remote and unfamiliar place and time.

 This Breath Press, 2012. Available on Amazon in paper and Kindle 

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